Menopause Mapping

From peri, meno to postmenopause the information can be very confusing. To find a clearer picture of where you are on your hormone highway, what your options are for menopause symptom relief and ongoing management, you can arrange a confidential conversation to help create your own menopause map.

When does Menopause Mapping help?



You just need someone who knows how it feels, to listen to what you are saying without rushing.


Private or NHS

You want to know the best questions to ask your provider or GP so you receive the right answers moving forward.



You’re aware of the options but need clarity on which direction to go, and what happens when you get there.


Symptom Management

Clarity on symptom relief options, versus consequences, and how to optimise your midlife mind & body.



Information overload from all directions is clouding your thoughts and you long for the ‘simple’ version.


Time to think

You’re aware of the solutions but need time to discuss them without judgement and dicover some extra signposting.

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Menopause Mappping: 60 minutes

Price: £35

To make an appointment with Fiona Catchpowle (creator & founder) for a Menopause Mapping session please complete the form.

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