The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Menopause

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“Menopause is not a one woman job!” This ebook demystifies menopause.

Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so you owe it to yourself to manage your menopause transition in an effective way as part of your everyday healthcare. This ebook will direct you to a layered approach to help reduce the impact of symptoms, and the long term consequences of hormonal decline. Plummeting levels of hormones and prolonged deficiencies, is one of the explanations for many long-term health conditions in women. Yet we are rarely diagnosed and supported in the right way through hormonal decline and beyond.

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Each woman will reach menopause. It is an inevitable part of our lives. Our biology dictates that our periods begin at puberty and stop at menopause. How we get there is as unique as we are.

Who is this book for?

– Women who are meno-curious and want answers.

– You have suddenly found yourself in the middle of a pile of weird sensations, both physical and psychological, that don’t have a simple explanation.

– You may be around the 38-43 mark and technically peri-menopausal.

– You may be older than that and closer to menopause day.

– You may have been struggling for years as you didn’t realise it was going to take this long and want to know when it ends.

– You think you haven’t actually had a menopause, but perhaps should look it up anyway to be sure.

– You want to know the hard cold facts about menopause in simple, straightforward terms.

– You’ve heard horror stories about hormones and want to know if it’s true.

– You don’t want to waste your life on Google or on multiple trips to the GP waiting to find out if this is menopause.

– You want to know what works and what doesn’t.

– You want to know why no one is talking about it and maybe you’d like to start the conversation yourself, but not sure where to start.

– You may well be prepared to seek private healthcare support, but you’re not really sure what you’re shopping for.

By the time you have finished reading this book you will know the basic essentials of menopause, what is happening to your mind & body, why and what to do about it.

The good news is that with a layered 360˚ approach, the process can be organised into a more constructive system that allows you to feel in control.

This ebook is designed to bring you the essential steps so you can make informed choices moving forward. You will not waste months or even years looking for answers, as the shortcuts are right here, right now. I also include examples of the decisions I took and some stories along the way.

The format is a .pdf and suitable to read across all devices.

Let’s end the confusion over all things menopausal and start to live the lives you deserve, full of knowledge and assurance as to what beckons in midlife and beyond. Pass it on.

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3 reviews for The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Menopause

  1. claire fitzhugh

    Omg i could not put this down. I have literally had my lightbulb moment when it comes to peri menopause and I am more than ready for volume 2 and facing it one step at a time. Thankyou fiona for such a wonderful book.

  2. Jackie Groundsell

    October this year sees me celebrate my 73rd birthday! I have osteopenia and take beta blockers for atrial fibrillation – nothing too dramatic health-wise, nor impacting on my lifestyle too much. Ordinarily I don’t broadcast this, but on reading The Menopause Directory book, it got me thinking – big time.

    Around 53 (so 20 years ago), I visited my female doctor with what I thought might be menopausal symptoms. She told me that I’d just have to learn to cope with these. I felt uncomfortable in visiting her with this in the first place, now even more so. She didn’t want to put me on HRT, I hasten to add I was in agreement with that – dreadful thing HRT according to the press at the time. I soldered on, additionally managing flooding caused by a lemon-sized cyst on a fallopian tube, which was apparently menopausal. This was monitored with scans for 2 years, medical diagnosis being correct and thankfully nothing to worry about. My Mum had everything “osis” to do with her bones. So there was a good chance I would have something in that direction too – nobody thought about that one then!

    What an eye-opener reading TMD was! So much made sense. Possibly, had I taken HRT I may not now have osteopenia, (possibly leading to osteoporosis) nor atrial fibrillation, nor (and this is my diagnosis 😊 – beta blockers slow you/blood down) possibly would I have macula degeneration in both eyes.

    For reassurance and action, I urge any female approaching/in their 40s to read this little book, packed with facts (not scare-mongery) and such sound sense. How I wish we’d had TMD then. Well done and thank you!

  3. Dagmar

    I’ve gone through my own meno-struggles, from severe depression, anxiety and heavy periods with unbearable cramps. Whether you are a novice about the menopause or you have done your own research, you’ll find topics in this e-book that will enrich and make your life more manageable. Let’s spread the word and stop whispering, but start the topic among men and women.

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