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menopause care

Menopause is a biological process.To have a clearer understanding of your own transition point and the impact it will continue to have, we highly advocate speaking with a medical specialist. Detailed healthcare advice, hormone replacement therapy with benefit v risk assessment, can only by prescribed by a qualified health care professional. 

What do we provide?


In-depth consultation

A one to one 45 minute consultation gives you the opporutnity to fully explore your options and make an informed choice.


Individual treatment plan

We believe each woman has the right to control every aspect of their hormonal health care, once provided with evidence based information.



All the medics hold a specialist qualification in menopause, are members of the BMS and offer prescriptions in compliance with NICE guidelines.

Kathie Cooke

 MSc, Ba Hons, RGN

Dr Joanne Hobson


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Create  your own journey.

You can’t manage what you don’t understand. The menopause continuum can be a very confusing space and knowing what pathway to go down can be full of uncertainty. There are no smoke and mirrors when you talk to us here at The Menopause Directory. 

Maybe you are still not sure whether medical or holistic is the path for you. To understand the bigger picture and help point you in the right direction, connect with us today and arrange a MenoChat. 

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