A 360° approach to menopause care

Menopause demystified

We provide stress-free access to evidence-based information and ongoing support during menopause transition and beyond.

Our Mission


Provide clear facts, with medically approved, jargon-free information about menopause, symptoms, consequences and its related treatment options.


We are here to guide you on how to manage your menopause effectively in a mindful, stress-free way. You are entitled to control every aspect of their hormonal health care. 


Decisions for short and long term menopause management should be based on informed choices, which then allows for individualised treatment pathways.

Symptoms are only part of the challenges associated with menopause. The consequences of hormonal decline and the impact they create on our physical & mental health are far out-reaching and need to be managed effectively.


Menopause Mapping

Book a clarity & mentoring session. Be heard, listened to and get the facts on menopause. We offer the opportunity to reduce your overwhelm, whenever you need to, and get clear directions on the options available, how they work and why. 


All our registered health care professionals hold a specialist qualification in menopause, are members of the BMS, and follow NICE guidelines. They will enable you to create an individual, long-term treatment plan, via one to one video calls in complete confidence. 

holistic healthcare

We can support you through menopause and your ever evolving hormone highway in a combination of ways. Navigating the highs & lows of menopause requires an integrated practical approach for long term benefit and now you don’t have to do it alone.

Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so you owe it to yourself to manage your menopause transition in an effective way as part of your everyday healthcare.

I wish I had gone to see a menopause specialist earlier!

I now have a plan of action and a sense of purpose which I didn’t have before

Very grateful for the time and expertise and will be back to continue my journey

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