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The impact of hormonal decline

By Aly Dilks, Advanced nurse practitioner with a specialist interest in menopause Menopause is a normal result of the ageing process and not an illness or a disease and every woman will go through it at some point, whether they notice it or not. Natural hormonal...

I really don’t like it!

On speaking with a lady at a recent conference I asked her to write about her menopausal experience. I was very moved to read her honest description of how she feels and it also highlights how easily we can suddenly focus on the negatives without realising. Here are...

Spontaneous Weight Gain … it happens

I experienced spontaneous weight gain without a shadow of a doubt when I started going through the peri-menopause. I had lost 10kg 2 years previous, and kept it off, then suddenly wham! No change in activity or diet but the weight piled on with no explanation in...