Kathie Cooke

Kathie Cooke is a Registered General Nurse, Ba Hons Specialist Practitioner, MSc Clinical Nursing and Independent Prescriber.

About Me

I am a Gynaecology Consultant Nurse, with 30 years’ extensive experience in all aspects of women’s health care. For many years I was a ward sister on busy Gynaecology wards and have also worked in an emergency department. I then worked within sexual health services, and trained to perform early pregnancy ultrasound scanning. More recently I have undertaken further training to work at an advanced clinical level throughout Gynaecology.

I enjoy talking to, advising and empowering women to make informed personal decisions about all aspects of their female health. I find my role incredibly rewarding and consider it a privilege.

My particular area of expertise is menopause care.


What I do

I hold the British Menopause Society (BMS) recognised Faculty of Reproductive Healthcare Special Skills Certificate in Menopause Care (advanced) and have provided independent Menopause clinics since 2012.

I also hold the BMS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Menopause Symptoms qualification, enabling me to facilitate self-management strategies for women with problematic menopause symptoms.

Being passionate about improving women’s experience of menopause, I regularly speak to women, doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and workplaces about menopause.

I review professional articles, and am involved in international menopause research trials.

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Consultation time: 45 minutes

Price: £190

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