a directory of menopause care advisors

A 360° approach

We deliver easy access to the best advisors in menopause care. Whether it be a medical or holistic based specialist, we have a dynamic menopause-collective waiting to meet you.

Highly regarded & peer approved


Each professional operates from an evidenced based perspective, within NICE guidelines and uses jargon-free information about menopause, symptoms & consequences.


We are here to guide you on how to manage your menopause effectively in a mindful, stress-free way. You are entitled to control every aspect of their hormonal health care. 


Decisions for short and long term menopause management should be based on informed choices, which then allows for individualised treatment pathways.

“Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so you owe it to yourself to manage your menopause transition in an effective way as part of your everyday healthcare.”

I wish I had gone to see a menopause specialist earlier!

I now have a plan of action and a sense of purpose which I didn’t have before

Very grateful for the time and expertise and will be back to continue my journey

Ease the transition with self-study

You can’t manage what you don’t understand. The menopause continuum can be a very confusing space and knowing what pathway to go down can be full of uncertainty. The Menopause School make it easy for you to learn about yourself, so you can care for yourself … today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. Discover the value of understanding your hormone highway using our online self-study classes:

  • presented in jargon-free, bite size pieces.
  • evidence-based, trustworthy information.
  • go at your own pace with lifetime access.

End the confusion and gain clarity, in a mindful, stress-free way, by identifying the practical steps to take for purposeful, healthy living... from menstruation to menopause.

Menopause school

From menstruation to menopause discover more about your hormones in a mindful, stress-free way.  Identify what purposeful steps to take next using our visual-book format.


 Speak to a registered health care professional who holds a specialist qualification in menopause, via one to one video calls in complete confidence.   

holistic healthcare

Navigate the highs & lows of menopause with an integrated practical approach for long term benefit. Easily work with one of our care providers online.