Help and advice on the menopause is best obtained from a qualified health care professional with years of experience in menopause. Our treatment plans are all in keeping with NICE guidelines, recommended by the British Menopause Society and all evidence-based and unbiased. Our consultations are fee-paying (not NHS) and therefore classed as Private Healthcare. If you have a policy with a health insurance company please speak to them first to see if your consultation is covered partly or wholly by your current plan.

What does ‘evidence-based and unbiased’ mean in real terms, and why is it so important?

What we don’t do is give you expert-based opinion. What we’re talking about is, unbiased data and fearlessly looking at what it tells us. As nurses who have been trained by medical grade highly experienced experts around a full spectrum of interrelated topics on hormones, women’s health and menopause, we know for sure that their years of education and knowledge is highly relevant and meaningful to women seeking to understand what they are going through, what to expect moving forward and how to regain some control of their symptoms.

Our nurses then support women to find a treatment pathway that fits them. Our team of menopause specialists continually review the medical literature, society guidelines, and our own objective experience in order to define best practices. They then focus on how to share and implement those best practices for our patients and seek a best-fit treatment pathway, supporting them every step of the way. Medical intervention using drugs such as hormone replacement therapy, may well be the answer, and if so our nurses have the full insight into the scientific evidence and outcomes. Our nurses will help you come to a decision with your values and aims very much in the fore front.