Nikki Hughes

I am 43 years old and I have 26 years experience in the Fitness Industry including Personal Training, Group Exercise and Coaching and Mentoring.
I am a Self Employed Health and Fitness Coach specialising in Strength and Conditioning, metabolic training, Peri to Post Menopause Health and Wellbeing and Nutrition.
I help Women improve strength, mobility, fitness and wellbeing whilst enjoying all the other benefits that brings such as Weight loss, better sleep, more energy, increased confidence and empowerment.
I’m a huge advocate, and can speak from personal experience, when it comes to the positive mental health changes movement will bring.
Menopause is a time that should be celebrated, we can learn to acknowledge these changes and not to blame them, develop the confidence to let go of what’s not working and begin to learn and embrace what does.


Menopause Doula


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