You do not need a referral from your GP to to use our service.

Once you have booked a time and day to suit, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire sent via email prior to your appointment. If you are able to prepare your thoughts ahead of time by writing some notes about how you’ve been feeling, physically and mentally, that’s always helpful. In addition you may want to think of some questions as well.

Prior to the call starting you will be asked to produce photo ID as proof of identification.

Once the call has started you will be asked to provide personal details and answer questions about your medical history, general health, weight, age and height. If you have a home blood pressure meter please can you check your blood pressure prior to the appointment. Or if you have had it checked recently by your GP and know the result that would be useful alongside a list of any prescribed medications or over the counter supplement or medications you take on a regular basis

The specialist nurses are able to give you guidance on the best way to balance and replace the declining hormones that are most likely the cause of your many symptoms. We completely understand that menopause does not have a one size fits all approach. You have lots of time to talk and explain how you are feeling and what matters to you when it comes to treatment choices. You and the nurse can then make a plan as to how you feel it is best to navigate your menopausal journey, not only that day but for as long as you need us.

If you choose for HRT to be a part of your treatment pathway, the nurses can write a private prescription there and then. Due to our exclusive arrangement with Somerby Pharamacy, payment and delivery can be organised the same day. Once you have started your HRT regime has started in can take a while, maybe as long as 3 months to make sure the dose is just right for you.

Alternatively as the medication prescribed by our team is also available on the NHS your nurse can write to your GP with the treatment recommendations whereupon your GP can write you a prescription to be used within the NHS system.

After your consultation, the nurse will email you a copy of the discussion you had with her and the agreed treatment plan for your future reference, she will also send a summary of the consultation to your GP for your medical records.

The consultation time is 45 minutes and costs £135