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What is menopause management?

Menopausal women are extraordinary.
Every woman should have access to the information, education, advice and emotional support that she needs to empower her to take control of her health and well-being during this mid-life phase.

Menopause doesn’t happen overnight

Our biology dictates that our periods start at puberty and stop at menopause. How we get there is as unique as we are.  Hormonal decline starts around forty years of age. You may not even notice the first few symptoms or attribute them  to peri-menopause. Things like anxiety, loss of confidence, emotional moments,  and sudden fatigue, get swept into other piles of challenges that we associate with working too hard or juggling too many things in our busy lives.

We know it’s not easy sifting through the noise of information around menopause. Finally get clarity on this topic by speaking with one of our specialists who will help you choose the right path for you.

You can’t manage what you don’t understand

How to be prepared?

Symptoms can be varied, short, long and often debilitating. They can affect your work and your relationships. A little insight into how to manage your hormones is incredibly valuable. Understanding the sequence of events can give you piece of mind.

Knowledge is powerful.

Women need to understand what is happening in their bodies, be confident in their understanding of their present needs and in the future. Normalising our knowledge of natural bodily functions and changes to our bodies is critical in that regard. 

Symptoms versus Consequences

Symptoms are only part of the story – anxiety, loss of confidence and brain fog (a fuzzy feeling) often go unnoticed, but have far-reaching consequences to our long term health. Find out how to support yourself and each other.

Time to listen

Supporting you when you need it most

Every woman deserves the time to explore her symptoms and discuss the options available. We understand that, as women, we are not all the same. An effective treatment plan relies on listening to your symptoms and offering a solution that best fits you.There are different strategies you can adopt to help alleviate the symptoms of menopause, and improve your quality of life during the different phases of hormonal decline. You can choose to supplement hormone levels to a restorative level, and minimise the impact hormonal decline can have on your well-being with hormone replacement therapy. HRT also has long-term health benefits and will protect you against osteoporosis and heart disease. 

Talk at length 1:1 with a specialist

Flexible, confidential, video consultations

Discover a variety of solutions you can choose from

Design an individualised treatment pathway

If you choose HRT we can help there too

Demystify the menopause today!

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