Adele Smyth

Adele is a Registered Nurse, 
Women’s health specialist & soft tissue massage therapist

About Me

I trained as a registered nurse 20 years ago and have continued to work as a health and fitness professional alongside my nursing.I am a soft tissue massage therapist which compliments my nursing skills as well as a pre and post natal coach.
Having been a Pilates teacher for 16 years, I have been approached on many occasions by women asking me to provide tailor made health, fitness and wellness programmes to support women from pregnancy through to post menopause. I am passionate about working in women’s health as many women I have worked with have been unaware that they have tummy gaps (diastasis recti) following the birth of their baby and that this can often be accompanied by pelvic floor dysfunction.
My bespoke programmes help to heal from the inside out and to make women aware that pelvic floor dysfunction is common but should not be normal.

What I do

As women we will all at some point all be on our own menopause journey and I am here to support women through these times and to understand that life can
continue as normal. My aim is to show women how to be functionally strong and fit and to regain their core strength. As well as pelvic floor dysfunction I work with women who may have experienced a prolapse or be recovering from a hysterectomy. I work mainly on a 1-2-1 basis for my pelvic floor and core work and also my diastasis and menopause work. I offer group classes in studio and online for my Pilates, barre and soon also my yoga classes. It is possible to see 1-2-1 clients both in person and online also.
My pelvic floor and core programmes are usually 6 weeks in person with the option of an additional 6 weeks online. I have also recently started a Fit to Run® programme which is 6 weeks in total and I am incorporating pelvic health into this course also. 

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