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Turning a vision

into reality

Meeting in 2019, Dr Joanne Hobson and Fiona Catchpowle soon realised they had a shared desire to evolve the understanding of hormone health from menstruation to menopause in today’s world.

In 2021 this vision became a reality with the launch of The Menopause Group CIC, alongside the Menopause Directory & School Ltd.

CEO The Menopause Group CIC

Fiona Catchpowle

Creator of The Menopause Directory & School Ltd, Menopause Educator, BMS Affiliate.

With 30 years of experience in the field of education and assessment Fiona has now created, alongside Dr Joanne Hobson, a definitive course in the health and well-being marketplace. Fiona’s innovative approach to learning and development has inspired medical and non-medical personnel to embrace this new approach to the hormone highway.

Menopause and Psychosexual Medicine Specialist.

Dr Joanne Hobson

Member of The BMS & Institute of Psychosexual Medicine. MBBS, DRCOG, FRSH.

Previously a Nottingham based GP, Dr Jo has had a specialist interest in women’s health and well-being for over 30 years. As a British Menopause Society registered, Menopause Specialist she currently has her own private menopause clinic at Spires Hospital Nottingham. She also mentors other doctors and nurses in menopause care.

coo the menopause group cic

Sally Kitchen

Menopause Doula, Re-cycled teenager and TOPBIRD

Sally joined The Menopause Group in July 2021. As an accomplished professional and innovative thinker with over 30 years of experience in Operations and Business Development.,Sally has brought an energy and drive to move the Group forward with the “Evolution of Menopause.”

education and support

Designed for the Modern Menopause

Menopause is not complicated, but you can’t manage what you don’t understand.

As a vibrant, dedicated team, we bring together education, support and health care provision for all, under one umbrella. We aim to inspire people to think differently, enabling them to  understand the long term consequences of not menopausing in a healthy way, make changes and create positive outcomes.

“Menopause is a mind, body affair, and therefore the needs must be addressed from a whole person perspective. “.

Dr Joanne Hobson

British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist.