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We provide easy access to a whole person approach to menopause well-being. Whether it be a medical or holistic based specialist, we have a dynamic menopause-collective waiting to meet you.


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Menopause Support Advisor and Consultant-led clinic. Appointments available online or in-person.

Menopause care that reaches out beyond traditional settings.

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Nutrition that soothes the soul

Nutrition that soothes the soul

MY MENOPAUSE DIARYNutrition that soothes the soulFiona Catchpowle14 June 2021It's called #RealFoodHormonal shifts, such as perimenopause, can create a cascade of inflammation in our minds & bodies. Inflammation adds to symptoms in a negative way. Our primary...

Stress, the brain and menopause

Stress, the brain and menopause

What is stress? Stress starts in the brain, with a thought. Whether a real or perceived threat to our survival, or a positive uplifting exciting moment, our brain then initiates a sequence of steps that release hormones into our blood stream to ultimately make the...

Wheat-free Wednesday

Wheat-free Wednesday

MY MENOPAUSE DIARYWheat-free WednesdayFiona Catchpowle10 February 2021This week I am launching #WheatFreeWednesdayAt any point in our lives, not just during midlife and beyond, we should be seeking out nutrition to fuel our body in a way that serves us well. When...