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Is it me, or is it the peri-menopause?

Are you experiencing a collection of challenging health concerns, such as painful periods, insomnia, anxiety, low mood, emotional outbursts for no apparent reason? You may or may not be experiencing hot flashes or night sweats. Perhaps you are simply feeling like you are no longer in your own body?

We can provide a diagnosis as to where you are on your homonal decline journey. 

 Peri-menopause starts as early as 40 and can last 10 years or more until your reach menopause – when your periods stop.

Menopause needn't be an uphill struggle.

We will introduce you to your own menopause specialist nurse who will help you on your journey for a smooth transition through the menopause and she will be responsible for all your follow up care.  Why go it alone when help is just a click away?

You deserve to feel great. We're here to help.

Would you like to know the best way to manage your symptoms and what the treatment options are? Our specialist nurses recommend using body identical, regulated hormone therapy, which is NICE approved (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Choosing to look after your mid-life mind & body is a common sense solution. The path you take is a decision only you can make.

The nurse-led advice will dispel the myths and provide the facts around HRT.


Happy Clients

I wish I had gone to see a nurse earlier!

 I found it difficult to talk to my GP and things had just been getting worse and worse with my symptoms. I now have a plan of action and a sense of purpose which I didn’t have before. Very grateful for the time and expertise of the menopause nurse and will be back to continue my journey. Thanks

“I’m 67 and feel like I’ve been perimenopausal for about 25 years, with depression my main problem.”

The Menopause Directory was recommended to me by a trusted friend and, having tried numerous options to feel better, such as NLP, I decided to book a consultation. Straight away it was like talking to someone I’d known for years, and Aly reassured me very quickly. For anyone thinking about what to do, I would definitely recommend a chatting to a nurse to help you to decide.”

“I procrastinated for a year before going to see a nurse!”

Within minutes she had worked her magic and had understood me. I never realised how many of my, what I thought were just, signs of being a woman of a certain age were actually due to hormonal imbalances.
So two months later brain fog cleared, hot flashes pretty much gone, and I’m sleeping much better.

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Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so you owe it to yourself to manage your menopause transition in an effective way as part of your everyday healthcare. Our mission is to support women during their menopause and beyond, help them to alleviate symptoms, remain healthy and live energetic and fulfilled lives.