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Doctor led training.

Making Sense of Menopause is an new online course featuring Dr Joanne Hobson, Menopause and Psychosexual Medicine Specialist. This online program will be incredibly empowering for individuals who already work with communities of women, or for those who simply wish to expand their own personal understanding of menopause. If you are purpose driven with a strong desire to become menopause aware, this one is for you.

evidence based

Knowledge enables you to take action

We believe if women, of all ages, were simply able to receive straightforward information about menstruation to menopause, they could step on to their hormone highway with confidence and clarity. With our online Menopause School we make it easy for you to learn about yourself, so you can care for yourself … today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. 

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Perimenopause explained

This a short, beginner’s guide to (peri)menopause and hormonal decline. Perimenopause can be a confusing and emotional time in our lives. Discover why this knowledge should be a part of your everyday healthcare. Did you know menopause is not optional, but how you navigate your hormone highway is? 

How’s your menopause going? … asked no one ever.

Menopause Tool kit

Mapping your Menopause

Created with busy women in mind, Mapping your Menopause gives you the tools to create your own menopause blueprint and enables you to fast-track your decision making and take action right now.

What are your non-negotiables when it comes to your meno lifestyle decisions? How many phytoestrogens does one woman need? 

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