Menopause: The Bigger Picture with

Elizabeth Ellis & Clare Shepherd

The conversation around menopause has just got started and it needs to keep going, so women globally are enabled to make decisions based on informed choices. Listen to the podcast or watch the video.

About This Series

During October every year the conversation around menopause is a very hot topic. October is Menopause Awareness month and 18th October is World Menopause Day. This was instituted by the International¬† Menopause Society and the World Health Organisation back in 1984 ‘to encourage education and awareness of this topic’.

Despite the conversation having started back then, understanding by women around what happens to their hormones during their lifetime, but in particular en route to their post-reproductive years is still very poor.

The focus on menopause generally sits around the symptoms which can be devastating for some, and bloody awful for most. A few women do get to slide through sideways without a scratch.However the bigger picture and the one critical point generally overlooked by most women is the long term health consequences of extended periods of practically zero oestrogen during our post menopausal years. So at 51 being the average age when our periods stop, living until 81 or even 91 means 30 to 40 years with minds & bodies that may struggle to be energetic, vibrant and fully functioning, because of a hormone deficiency. Yet, some would have us stop the conversation and allow women following in our footsteps to be kept in the dark and suffer needlessly.

Whether you choose HRT or not, you can’t manage what you don’t understand.

This series Menopause:The Bigger Picture aims to address those negative comments and shine a light further ahead so the conversation can and will continue. Women deserve to be empowered to enable them to make informed decisions on how they navigate their hormone highway.

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  1. Helen mcmahon

    Can you please help me and give me advice. I never even as a child took medicine except herbs etc..o was fascinating about making potions as a young child in my back garden. I’m suffering really bad mostly from night sweats and hot flushes. I’m taking every herb under the sun but not sorting. I disappointed on my herbs
    Only for lockdown I would have acupuncture to see would it help. I was taking natural.progtrestrone cream from health shop but dobt like idea putting on my skin and where it gets stored in the body as for herbs go straight into the bloodstream. I do yoga also and I found swimming brillant but cant swim now and hate cold sea water. Can help me is there anything else I could try help me as I’m on my own with 5 lads, only 51 and I have to get sleep to function. I keep waking up every hour with waves of heat, horrible. Thank you.

    • Webmaster

      Other than HRT, which it seems like you may be not keen on based on what you have said, I’d suggest keeping a food and mood diary for a couple of weeks and see if here are any triggers you can spot that make the situation worse. I removed wheat from my diet and that made a hug difference to my symptoms.
      You may also find our online course helpful. Try the free one first if you like and you will find a coupon code hidden in there for use on the Menopause Mapping one


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