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General explanation

Do you currently have the contraceptive injection depo provera but are unable to access your GP surgery or sexual health clinic?

Depo provera continues to have a contraceptive effect for 14 weeks without any extra precautions being required. After 14 weeks you can take the progesterone only pill as an alternative method until an appointment is available for  a repeat injection. Here at Contraceptive Service Online, we can provide a 30 minute consultation with a qualified nurse who can explain to you how to switch to the progesterone only pill and how to switch back to Depo Provera injections, once lock down is complete. Included in your 30 minute consultation is a 6 month prescription for pills that are delivered directly to your door.

If you have Depo Provera just for menstrual problems and not to prevent pregnancy ( for example to stop periods in ladies with learning disabilities ) you do not need to switch, unless your period returns. Usually it can take quite a while for periods to return after having the depo injection. We are happy to prescribe the progesterone only pill if this is required. 

What if you're using an implant?

The contraceptive implant or nexplanon is a very popular choice of contraception, especially in teenagers. Normally, this is replaced after 3 years. However, if you are unable to arrange an appointment to organise this, there is evidence to suggest that it remains an effective form of contraception for up to 4 years. If you have bleeding problems or feel you would like additional contraception, we  can prescribe the progesterone only pill to take alongside the implant until you are able to access an appointment to have this removed and replaced. 

What if you use the combined oral contraceptive pill or the contraceptive patch?
If you currently take the combined oral contraceptive pill or use the contraceptive patch, we can prescribe 6 months supply of this, following a consultation with a qualified nurse who can assess your suitability. If you require the contraceptive ring, we can only provide 3 month supply due to storage recommendations.
What if your IUS/IUCD is due to be changed?
Many women will panic if they know their IUS/IUCD is due to be changed but they are unable to access an appointment for this to take place.We recommend that you check whether your IUCD (copper coil) has a 5 or 10 year licence. If it has a 5 year licence, we can prescribe the progesterone only pill for 6 months until you are able to arrange an appointment for this to be changed. If your IUCD has a 10 year licence, this can be left quite safely for up to 12 years . If you are unsure which type of IUCD you have, and are unable to contact the service provider who fitted it for you then we can safely prescribe the progesterone only pill to take until you are able to access this information. If you were aged 40 years, when this was fitted, it can safely be left in place until you are 55 years old without being changed, irrespective of which device was fitted.
There are several different types of IUS. The mirena and levosert are licensed for 5 years for contraception but there is evidence to suggest that they provide contraceptive cover for up to 6 years. If a mirena is fitted over the age of 45 years, this can be left in place until you are aged 55 if it is used for contraception ( but not for HRT). 
If the mirena is being used for heavy bleeding , it can be left unchanged unless you experience some heavy menstrual bleeding , in which can we can prescribe medication to help with the bleeding, until you can arrange for this to be changed. 
If the mirena is in place for HRT it can be left for 5 years ( the licence is for 4 years) with oestrogen therapy but if it has been in for longer than 5 years, an alternative progesterone will need to be added to provide endometrial protection. A jaydess or kyleena cannot be left in for longer than their licence, and an alternative contraception will need to be prescribed. 

More information

Online Prescriptions

We are providing Nurse led appointments for contraception prescriptions via video calls.

If you are unable to reach your GP or Sexual Health clinic during the current restrictions please book your appointment via our online system.

We advise allowing extra time than normal to secure your contraceptive provisions.

Women's Health

It is vital during this time you receive the best reproductive care you require possible to stay healthy and safe.

Urgent Care

We are not able to offer an emergency contraception service at this moment in time.  Please contact your local health authority if your condition is likely to put you at risk.

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