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Menopause Doula Training Program

Specifically designed for non-medical professionals, seeking comprehensive training on menopause management, from a whole person perspective.

This certified course provides evidenced-based knowledge on menstruation to menopause, for those looking to support and guide others with confidence along the Hormone Highway.

Introductory price £199*

(until 18/11/2021: Full Price £249)

The Menopause Doula

Is a trained individual providing continuous emotional, physical, and informational support.

A Fresh Approach

Menopause care that compliments and reaches out beyond traditional settings.


There is an urgent need to provide awareness and support for those experiencing menopause transition.

This course is a new, exciting and original approach to educating and learning, based on clinical information with an integrity rarely seen in other current  online content”.

Dr Joanne Hobson

British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist.

the modern menopause

The Vision

The Menopause Doula Training Program provides an opportunity to change the future of menopause care through knowledge and support.

Hormone shifts can have a huge impact on physical and mental health during the reproductive years. With a lack of knowledge and understanding how can anyone make an informed choice?

We have a vision of care for the modern menopause, supported by a diverse community of Menopause Doulas.

Integrated & Practical

An effective outcome relies on listening and offering a solution that best fits the individual.

Guidance & Support

The Menopause School have created a simplified system, which will provide the opportunity for an early intervention conversation with a Menopause Doula.

become a menopause doula

The Course

Our easy to follow format allows you to learn at your own pace with the added bonus of expert advice on hand to support you. 

*Course fee includes:

  • 10 training modules, pre-recorded and can be started today.
  • The learning materials are a combination of videos and class notes.
  • Extra support with live Q & A sessions alongside Dr Hobson and other invited speakers.
  • Additional group mentoring and networking.
  • Certificate on completion of module and mentor-led assessments.

Introductory price £199*

(until 18/11/2021: Full Price £249)

a vision of care

The Menopause Doula Partnership Program

Becoming a Menopause Doula is an opportunity to change the future of menopause care, and we want to be there to support YOU every step of the way.

ONLY available post graduation, you can choose to join our exclusive Menopause Doula Partnership Program, completely FREE for the first month and ONLY £18 per month thereafter.

The Menopause School is redefining menopause training and we want you to reach your personal best in the process and will support you as much as we possibly can.

Networking & Support

  • Monthly meet-ups
  • Marketing advice
  • Business growth opportunities

Learning & Development

  • Ongoing training
  • Advance skills
  • Guest speakers


menopause doula training program


What topics are covered?

In summary:

  • Hormone basics
  • Endocrine system
  • Menstruation
  • Menopause
  • The Hormone Collective
  • Signs & Symptoms
  • Risks & Consequences
  • Hormone based therapies
  • Complementary & Lifestyle therapy
  • The Menopause tool-kit
How do I register and start the training?

Follow this link and select Add to Cart. During the payment process you will be asked to create a new account. After payment the screen will refresh to show the course you are enrolled on. Click the course title and get started. If you have any problems please email:

What level of skill is required?

Some previous understanding of Human Biology is beneficial, but not essential. The course content has been layered in such a way that someone new to menstruation to menopause theory will be able to participate and reach the required level of knowledge.

How long will the course take?

We recommend a minimum of 10 hours study over 4 weeks, to fully absorb the content, participate fully and submit the assessments. You can learn at your own pace and the online content is available for as long as you want.

What support is available?
  • We have a Facebook Group that encourages you to network and connect with other students, plus regular live updates from The Menopause School.
  • Live Q & A opportunities with Dr Hobson.
  • Case study reviews with a mentor.
  • Email support if you experience technical difficulties.
How do I receive certification as a Menopause School Menopause Doula?

Our certification is awarded once you have completed all the online lessons, completed the quizzes with a 100% pass grade, submitted three case studies and discussed these with one of our mentors. 

How do I join the Menopause Doula Partnership Program?
Once you have graduated you will be invited to join the partnership program. Your first month’s access is free and thereafter £18 per month. The partnership program is not open to non-graduates of The Menopause Doula Training Program.
Do you provide refunds?
We cannot provide a refund for this online course once purchased. Please read through all the information and schedule a call prior to purchase if you are unsure if this course fits your requirements.

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Course Brochure

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