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Doctor led training.

Making Sense of Menopause is an new online course featuring Dr Joanne Hobson, Menopause and Psychosexual Medicine Specialist. This online program will be incredibly empowering for individuals who already work with communities of women, or for those who simply wish to expand their own personal understanding of menopause. If you are purpose driven with a strong desire to become menopause aware, this one is for you.


are you menopause aware?

Women need a new kind or support.

Talking openly about menopause is known to reduce overwhelm, and this creates a powerful turning point in our perception and decision making. Our aim is to inspire you to make changes in how you approach conversations around female health and well-being. Joining the dots between periods and perimenopause is easy, when you know how.

a menopause evolution

How can we support women?

A recent survey by showed that a staggering 60% of women said they did not feel comfortable discussing the menopause with their GP. Currently, when huge hormonal shifts such as perimenopause occur, women are often left incredibly confused about their health with no clear concise guidelines as to how to navigate this time of their lives independently. This is heart-breaking. We passionately believe that every woman should be enabled with relevant and meaningful knowledge about their hormone highway in order to make informed health-care choices.

Making Sense of Menopause is an innovative seminar that will enable those working with women on a daily basis to create a positive environment for their clients around the topic of perimenopause and beyond. Menopause matters to your clients, so it makes sense for it to matter to you too. Menopause is not complicated in real terms, yet the confusing conversations taking place would have you believe otherwise. We are looking to work with and support individuals who have a thirst for education and value quality information.