Each woman will reach menopause. It is an inevitable part of our lives. Our biology dictates that our periods begin at puberty and stop at menopause. How we get there is as unique as we are.

Let’s demystify menopause

We can direct you to a layered approach to help reduce the impact of symptoms, and, more importantly the consequences of hormonal decline. Plummeting levels of hormones and prolonged deficiencies is one of the explanations for many long-term health conditions in women. Yet we are rarely diagnosed and supported in the right way through hormonal decline and beyond.
Starting with perimenopause in your early 40s maybe even late 30s, there is no single solution to a completely flawless menopause transition.
However, there are many layers and small action steps you can take, to ultimately engineer a menopause pathway that will be energetic, full of clarity and create long-term health benefits.

In my opinion a 360˚ approach is by far the best option.

Please note: Sometimes these symptoms may be due to other health conditions and not menopause. Consulting with a specialist is of paramount importance in order to identify the root cause and ultimately best treatment pathway for you.

Whilst we tend to arrive at the point of meno-realisation one way or another, it takes us a while to join the dots. We then go hunting for information for further clarity. That’s when it gets confusing.
Perimenopause is the first peculiar thing to puzzle over. Is that part of menopause or a separate thing? How do you know if it’s peri or meno?
Our ebook The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Menopause provides the basics to get started on your menopause management strategy to demystify menopause. Your only investment at this point is time. Time to take on board the facts and time to let it all sink in. The return on your investment will be a stress less menopause journey.
This book is designed to bring you the essential steps so you can make informed choices moving forward. You will not waste months or even years looking for answers, as the shortcuts are right here, right now.
What you do next is a decision only you can make.

Let’s end the confusion. Pass it on.