Thank you to our amazing nurses!

Organised annually by the International Council of Nurses, International Nurses Day celebrates the contribution that nurses make to societies around the world. The date has a very strong significance, being the birthday of perhaps the world’s most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale.

In a landmark occasion, this year’s nurses’ day falls on what would have been Florence Nightingale’s 200th birthday, inspiring the World Health Organization (WHO) to designate 2020 as International Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

Nurse practitioners are experienced and highly qualified health care professionals. As patient advocates being supportive, empathetic and understanding of their patient’s needs, comes as standard.

ALL of our nurses are menopause specialists. We have found that when women understand the physiological effects that are occuring, you see their facial expressions change, they realise why they feel as they do.  Most women burst into tears in sheer relief that someone has spent the time to explain why they feel so isolated and out of sorts. That’s what nurses do.

We absolutely love advising women on menopause, knowing our advice and prescribing HRT can often significantly improve their quality of life. Helping women during their menopause is extremely rewarding.

Here our nurses at The Menopause Directory give an insight into their nursing career and why they chose nursing and menopause therapy particularly.

Aly Dilks – Simply Menopausal

“I qualified as a nurse in 1988, Nursing was the only career pathway I ever wanted to follow and I think it’s partly from watching the TV series Angels. I have no regrets for choosing nursing and have met some amazing people both professionally and as patients. No two days are ever the same and as a career it’s been very rewarding. I am lucky because not only do I work part time for the NHS I also have a private nurse led menopause clinic based in Leicester where I offer consultations to women struggling with their menopausal symptoms”.

Kathie Cooke – Menopause Expert Liverpool

“I was a nurse in the Territorial Army. I always wanted to be a nurse, and in fact most of my family are nurses. From school I chose to go straight into nursing after college. I am incredibly passionate about promoting women’s health and supporting them to make informed decisions about their menopause.”

Diane Bourne-Porterfield – Bourne2Care

“I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was 11. I then planned school and life around getting into nursing. I started my training just before my 18th birthday. I’ve worked all over the world and gained amazing experiences; from helping deliver babies in the back of trucks, caring for members of the Royal family to supporting women through menopause. It’s very challenging but I absolutely love nursing.”

Hazel Hayden – Bristol Menopause

“I started my training at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington in 1983. After qualifying I did an English degree but really missed Nursing so came back to it and worked in Secondary Care until 2000 when I then worked as a Specialist Nurse for one of the Pharmaceutical Companies. I went on to have a varied an amazing career and still enjoy it to this day. I started my Menopause Clinic in Mid November 2019 as I wanted to provide specialist care to Women. As a Nurse I look at the problem holistically and work by the theory that one size does not fit all. I treat each woman individually and will go the extra mile to help. I am always developing myself and my service.”

Nursing leaders from across the UK have marked International Nurses’ Day by publicly thanking those in the profession for their hard work and dedication and vowed to ensure those who lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic “will never be forgotten”. We could not operate our service if it wasn’t for our nurses. Thank you.

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