I am a Mum, Grandmother and currently 53. I am menopausal and whilst I pin-pointed my symptoms at 48, as an explanation, I quickly realised on further research that I had been peri-menopausal for around 5 years, maybe longer.

My hormone highway was all over the place

I muddled through the early years and adopted lifestyle resources to cope. Google was my new best mate; Facebook groups second and Twitter third. I soon found Facebook too whiney and chose to tune in to my mind and body and trusted them to lead the way.
I found it all very confusing and chaotic, but you don’t have to. The good news is that with a layered 360˚ approach, the process can be organised into a more constructive system that allows you to feel in control.

At heart I’m a scientist, with qualifications in Applied Biology and other sciences. I also love to teach, having qualified as a lecturer many years ago, and I can’t stop myself looking for answers connected to ‘structure related to function’ and seeking out ways to simplify science and look for solutions.
In the last 4 years I have learnt so much more about menopause, and I absorb something new each day as my own journey continues. I’m now classed as a Patient Expert on the topic of menopause, and created this online platform to connect women with the right menopause specialist for them.
I have recently added Hormone Replacement Therapy to my personal health strategy for long term health benefits. Incidentally, I was not experiencing any particular symptoms. I chose to do so as a result of understanding the benefits versus risks to me.

It’s called having an informed choice.

Working alongside a wide range of menopause related professionals has truly opened my eyes. The decisions I have made about what goes in, on and around my body have allowed it to do some rather impressive things – physically and emotionally; I learnt some aerial fitness skills the year of my 50th; reduced my weight by 16kg since I was 49 and kept it that way, created a new business, welcomed a second grandchild, and moved countries – to name a few.
My way is not the highway.

My desire is that you take an active role in your menopause.

Please don’t sweep this under the carpet. I wasted many years and probably put my life at risk by not learning about this soon enough. When I started to notice menopausal symptoms it took a long time to realise what they were related to. Retrospectively I think my peri-menopause could have started around 41.

The symptoms of unexplained tiredness and crushing fatigue were an absolute nightmare. I thought I was old at 46. Brain fog, anxiety, aches and pains were my new fashion accessories. Insomnia dictated my work life and irregular heavy periods everything else. I worked out, thanks to Google and various conversations with other women, what was going on but thought that ‘natural’ was the only option and you had to grin and bear it. To be honest I felt judged if I mentioned doing it any other way. I changed my food, which changed my mood and I edited my exercise regime which gave me back my energy.
BUT what I now know is that I was still vulnerable to heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and dementia, because of my hormone deficiency.
My wish is that you enter the next phase of your life informed and knowledgeable about female health and well-being so your choices enable you to thrive.

My ebook The Thinking Woman’s guide to Menopause is available to download HERE

Menopause is not optional but how you approach your hormone highway is. If you would like guidance on which pathway is best for you, them please get in touch to book a menopause mentor session. Please email me: info@themenopausedirectory.com