Gill Hirst

Gill Hirst is an accredited therapist MNCS Acc. 

About Me

I am 51 and had a hysterectomy 10 years ago due to fibroids. My ovaries were left in and no one told me that within the next 5 years I would go into Menopause. By the time I was 43 I was already experiencing debilitating Migraines, Intimate Dryness, Sore Mouth Syndrome, Brain Fog but not a Hot Flush in sight. I had no idea what was happening to me, I felt anxious, worried and no longer capable of doing my job as a Therapist, which I loved. Now with a combination of HRT and healthy lifestyle choices (most of the time!) I feel younger and confident and very capable. This lived experience has inspired me to exclusively support women going through hormonal changes in my therapy practice.

What I do

I am an accredited therapist of over 15 years and I specialise in short term counselling and talking therapy for women experiencing Peri/Menopause issues. I have recently completed Dr Louise Newson’s Confidence in Menopause Certificate to compliment my professional practice. As well as the physical symptoms of the Menopause there are many emotional effects too such as anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and irritability. I find most women simply want to talk to someone who will listen, really listen and understand some of the issues they are facing and I offer a supportive environment for this. After a session with me women have acknowledged what a relief it has been to talk so openly. In fact, the relief is often visible in their body language, it’s as if a huge weight has been lifted and their confidence refreshed.

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