Clare Shepherd

Clare Shepherd is an award winning registered nutritional therapist and menopause health coach

About Me

My menopause started in my early 30’s, alongside the increasingly crippling symptoms of endometriosis; yet both were misdiagnosed for 7 years, resulting in a full hysterectomy age 39.
I was shocked, I had never really heard of the word menopause before, it was something whispered behind closed doors to explain older women’s irrational behaviour. 
A personal decision, I weaned myself off HRT age 51 and determined to find out how I could support myself naturally.  I trained in nutrition, exploring many other therapies and lifestyle changes along the way. Some worked, some didn’t, but they provided me with a powerful armory of tools at my disposal and vital insight into the unique journeys women go through during the menopause transition.
I’m delighted that I can now confidently say there is a bright light waiting on the other side of menopause!

What I do

Based on my own experience and training,  I now educate, support and encourage other women worldwide to find a way through their own menopause, embracing an holistic approach. Over 15 years of consistent research and learning I offer on-line education and coaching programmes to help ease the menopause symptoms affecting both body and mind. Always acknowledging that there is no one-size-fits-all, we are all unique.
The peri-post menopause transition can be a roller coaster for many, yet simple nutrition and lifestyle changes can make a significant difference, with the added bonus of creating optimum health through menopause and beyond, a time to live a full and vibrant life, back in control, confident and free.

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