Adelle Martin

Adelle Martin is a Executive MidLife Coach & Founder of The Women in Business MidLife Club

About Me

I started my company after leaving my 30-year corporate career working in financial services as an HR Professional in February 2020. I had an early menopause aged 40 at a key point in my career that I had studied and worked so hard for.  At the time I was misdiagnosed with anxiety and stress due to my workload combined with the challenges of family life.

Working with my GP we finally established that I had gone through an early menopause which could have been accelerated due to the level of stress I was under at the time. I was told that I may have to choose between my career and body If I wanted to “get through it”. I was never going to make a choice after investing so much in both my career and body – Why should I just because of the menopause!

What I do

Turning my situation into an opportunity I embarked on my mission to fully understand why my body was changing and how I could manage these changes. The results from years of research – I created my MidLife Resilience System to “Keep MidLife Women in Business through Hormonal Changes & Personal Growth”. I applied my resilience system to strengthen my body so I could get back to my career.

I continued to use and refine my MidLife Resilience System during my corporate career including coaching other women in business. My approach worked and I have been able to coach many women to have a strong body alongside leading their business or career.


United Kingdom