About the Service


What is included in the price of the service?

A 45 minute video consultation with a menopause specialist nurse for the fixed price of £135 (including the prescription fee) Your HRT  items are charged separately.


How do I receive the prescription?

Your HRT will be dispensed from our contracted pharmacist and delivered to your door in the UK, via Royal Mail, within 2-3 working days. Someone will need to sign for the delivery, otherwise it will be held at your local post office.

How do I see the nurse on video?

We use a booking system which is integrated with Zoom.us. Please download the FREE app in anticipation of the call on the device you plan to use. Ensure your webcam and microphone are switched to on. For maximum security each call link is unique and deleted from our system on completion.

What is the booking process?

To get started visit the Book now link then select the following options.

  1. See Times
  2. — choose the best day/time for you
  3. — enter your details on the next screen, tick permissions.
  4. — select Pay and move to the next screen to complete the booking.

You will then receive a confirmation email of your booking (please wait a few minutes). The email will include a GREEN button that once clicked will take you to the video screen. This link will ONLY be valid for the day and time you requested.

What happens next?

We will send you a symptom checklist to complete prior to your appointment. You will receive a reminder of your appointment via text and email. On the day/time you chose click the GREEN button in the original email to join the nurse on screen in the Zoom call.

Can I change the day and time of my appointment?

Yes of course. In your confirmation email please select the BLUE button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Yes you can. However ALL cancellations will incur a small charge and take up to 24 hours to be issued. Cancellations with less than 12 hours will be charged 50% and take up to 24 hours to be issued.

More information

Online Prescriptions

We are providing Nurse led appointments for menopausal support via video calls.

During the call should you decide that HRT is a solution you wish to take-up, the nurse will send you a payment form via email for the medication.  

The prescription is fulfilled by Somerby Pharmacy and delivered to you by Royal Mail.

Women's Health

Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so managing your menopause transition in an effective way is becoming an increasing part of women’s everyday healthcare.

Time to listen

Every woman deserves the time to explore her symptoms and discuss the options available. We understand that, as women, we are not all the same. An effective treatment plan relies on listening to your symptoms and offering a solution that best fits you.

This facility is perfect for women who are either frustrated with their consultation from their GP or find it difficult to get a GP appointment that fits around their busy schedule.

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Let’s Find Your Dream Hormone Balance Together

Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal, so you owe it to yourself to manage your menopause transition in an effective way as part of your everyday healthcare.