What’s the story?

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: All our listed nurse-led clinics are now able to offer video consultations. During this difficult time we will continue to support women through menopause by adjusting costs to make it more affordable for women who would normally rely on NHS and not seek private care.

Women are now spending a third of their lifespan menopausal and so managing your menopause transition in an effective way is becoming an increasing part of women’s healthcare.

However, due to time constraints or a GP’s lack of knowledge around the subject, many menopausal women are incorrectly treated.

Our solution to help you receive the treatment you need is simple. A nurse led clinic.

Perfect for women who are either frustrated with their consultation from their GP or find it difficult to get a GP appointment that fits around their busy schedule.

As nurse prescribers, they are able to prescribe medication. This is via a private prescription and follows NICE guidelines.

Our mission is to support women going through #menopause and help them identify the best solution for them to alleviate their symptoms and remain healthy during menopause and beyond.

Hormonal decline can commence in your early 40’s, leading to menopause which, in the UK, is on average 51.

The steep downturn in hormones can trigger a combination of symptoms that are very much unique to each of us. As such, understanding what is happening to your body can be a challenge, and very often goes un-diagnosed for many years.

Whilst we know for sure that the number of conversations we are seeing in the media and having with each other about menopause have increased tremendously in the last 12 months, hormonal decline and it’s impact on health still continues to be a topic women do not receive enough knowledge about it to make informed choices.

Low mood, heightened anxiety, mood swings, tearfulness and loss of confidence are common symptoms many peri menopausal women report to their GP during their consultation. However, due to time constraints or a GP’s lack of knowledge around the subject, many menopausal women are incorrectly prescribed anti depressants rather than hormone replacement therapy.

Every woman deserves the time to explore her symptoms and discuss the options available. We understand that, as women, we are not all the same. A diagnosis relies on listening to your symptoms and offering a treatment option specifically for you.

Our aim, with our growing directory, is to connect you with a health care professional in your area who is a medically trained menopause specialist, fully equipped to support you when and where it matters most.