A whole person Approach

Every woman deserves to feel their best and love the life they live.

We passionately believe that every woman should be enabled with relevant and meaningful information about their hormone highway in order to make informed health-care choices. You can’t manage what you don’t understand. To effectively care for yourself you need to learn about yourself.

menstruation to menopause

Encourage women to feel empowered.

Our mission is to bridge the gap in understanding, of our own biology blueprint from puberty to perimenopause. We urgently need clarity on how are bodies respond to the hormonal shifts during our reproductive years. Without this knowledge, how can we confidently make an informed choice?

Knowledge is power

Education enables you to take action.

Women of all ages must learn about their hormone highway from menstruation to menopause, so they can step along their hormone highway with confidence and clarity. From this point you can then ask the right questions to get the right answers and ultimately receive the support you deserve.

menopause school

Perimenopause education from a true specialist.

With the amazing support of Dr Joanne Hobson, Menopause and Psychosexual Medicine Specialist, we are creating and delivering a collection of ‘menstruation to menopause’ training seminars. Our in depth sessions have been custom designed for non-medical professionals such as coaches, therapists, hairdressers and physical trainers. In fact, these educational programs are incredibly empowering for anyone who works with, talks to, or writes about women on a daily basis and have a strong desire to become menopause aware. I passionately believe that this knowledge should be evidenced based and supported by a highly accredited practitioner, like Dr Hobson.

Dr Joanne Hobson

Enabling women to feel confident in their personal health choices.

“I am passionate about all aspects of a women’s health life journey, from late teens, throughout their reproductive years and post menopause. I am proactive in empowering women to make the right choices for them, with evidenced based information rather than sourcing their views from the many inaccuracies that may be found within social media and other online resources.” 

about me: the short story

You can’t manage what you don’t understand.

My name is Fiona Catchpowle, and I hate it when things are over complicated and confusing. When I first started The Menopause Directory 5 years ago it was a simple blog and resource of menopausal things. When I went hunting for support at that time I found the online resources inconsistent and the context lacked relevance for the modern menopausal woman.  So my aim was to simplify things and make it easy to access the right care. Since then my mission has changed dramatically and now I am about to embark on a major task of creating an army of Menopause Mentors!

from menstruation to menopause

Menopause is not optional

The hormone highway from puberty to perimenopause can be a very confusing space and knowing what pathway to go down can be full of uncertainty. We make it easy for you to learn about yourself, so you can care for yourself … today, tomorrow and the rest of your life