About TMD

The Menopause Directory has been born from wanting to find all the websites about being menopausal I wanted to follow in one place!

When I went looking for information on the ´seriously wtf is wrong with me questions’, I found the standard clinical details quite easliy and then had to delve deeper to find all the cool ones, by women for women.

My bookmarks and saved sites list was growing and I couldn´t remember which one was which. The same happened on social media.

Now, it´s fair to say that there is no one size fits all resource when it comes to Women-centered well-being & support.

Some of us want bare facts, some of us want reality mixed with friendship, and even a touch of humor.

It then made me think that an online catalog or library of the blogs, therapists and every combination of communities you can think of around peri and menopause would help all women everywhere.

In particular, my passion is to generate awareness in women in their late 30′ and early 40’s what is about to happen to their bodies and how to prepare in advance both emotionally & physically.

There are 34 symptoms you can name associated with the journey toward menopause, not just the hot flushes and night sweats.

It may well be a natural biological process but the side effects can knock you sideways and disrupt your world.

Living with menopause is not easy, but with the Menopause Directory at the tip of your fingers I hope that women the world over can find the help they need to not just survive but thrive and embrace the change.


Thank you

Fiona Catchpowle

Founder of The Menopause Directory

PS. My day-job is as a Facebook Coach, teaching female entrepreneurs how to communicate with their target audience effectively and my other dream job is a Mum to two grown up girls and grandma to two gorgeous grandchildren Khaira & Teddy.